Who We Are and What We Do

We are HexGen, Manchester's latest cloud digital agency. A team of ambitious freelance professionals and a team of great people with great skills. We offer a flexible digital solution that is built around you and your business and we don't need an office to do that.

The most crucial thing about an office is the internet connection – which as we all know, is everywhere. This keeps us and your solution flexible.

The flexibility isn't only passed down to our clients but also our team members. This formation allows everyone to work at their own pace and allows HexGen to assign the right skills to the job at hand.

Meet the team behind the newly formed HexGen below or get in touch for a chat about your latest idea!

Team HexGen

  • Josh Tyler

    Founder & Developer

    Josh wanted to do things differently and now as the founder of HexGen, he can create a better digital agency for the clients we gain and the amazing team that we're building.

  • Craig Fletcher

    Full Stack Developer

    As a self taught full stack developer with over 10 years of experience, Craig is a part time rock climber full time infrastructure genius. Craig specialises in creating custom system architecture for large scale projects.

  • Luke Holmes

    Security Specialist

    As a final year student from Sheffield Hallam, Luke is currently mastering the art of digital security in an area that is growing ever more important. With Luke on the team we have the latest on digital security, for us and our clients.

  • Peter Siddle

    Consultant & Developer

    Pete loves the sensation of bringing a clients project to life. With a keen eye for detail Pete likes to completely understand his clients and their needs to deliver the best solution possible.

  • Michael Smyth

    Front End Developer

    The Walt of HexGen, Michael has a real talent when it comes to animation on the web, understanding the users of the site he's building along with the 8 years experience he's gained, his sites work effortless.

  • Ryan Southall

    Blogger & Creative Writer

    Currently studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, Ryan is a talented writer who really engages the reader in his work.

    Take a look at some of his work here.

  • Like How We Work?

    Your New Title

    We are flexible in our work, operations and structure. Get in touch if you feel you have a skill we are missing!

  • Dedicated Designs

    From animations to web and print designs, our digital designers have the experience to help!

  • Tailored Websites

    Crafting HTML only sites, custom Wordpress themes and API's we will always find the right solution for you.

  • Code Built To Last

    We develop under strict guidelines to ensure the highest quality of code. This helps us keep our products lightweight, fast and durable.

  • Bespoke Applications

    Have an app idea or think that an app would help move your business forward? From thought to install, we can help all the way.

  • Start Up Packages

    Thinking of creating your own startup and need some digital expertise? Get in touch for information on our start up packages and get the ball rolling today!

Working In The Cloud

We love Manchester. We love technology and great design. So we began HexGen to allow each team member to become free from office boundaries. Now as Manchester's latest cloud based digital agency, we can be truly adaptive and flexible.

We began as a close group of friends who met through the love of their profession, from that we now have a great team of 7. We have worked on a range of different projects in varied sized groups. Our business aims and goals are to offer digital solutions, for start ups to established businesses.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.