Remember the Yellow Pages?

Well, the internet is sort works in the same way. We search for something, arrive at the correct page and find the correct business or service we are looking for – Only instead of finding a small description and contact information, we find a link. A website.

From freelancers to personal trainers, a website represents the sleekest and most professional way to showcase yourself and your business – the modern-day business card as such. With competition becoming ever more fierce – and the internet becoming integrated into our everyday lives – having a digital presence is starting to become an imperative. Owning a website can provide you with some marked benefits:

It Will Actually Save You Money

If you’re a small business, the first thought that you may have is that you can’t afford a professional website, when in reality you can’t afford not to. It’s true that prices for the initial design vary, but once it’s up, maintaining a website is actually very cheap. And when you consider your potential advertising reach with the whole internet (as opposed to a newspaper ad or something similar), you can see how it can be very cost effective.


In this day and age, the first thing we do when we want to find something is an internet search. By having a website, you cement yourself as a true professional of your field – a commodity that your competitors are already taking advantage of. Having it professionally designed produces a professional business image, inspiring consumer confidence and making yourself a more attractive choice.


You can think of a website as a catalogue or a brochure. It provides a concise description of your services and products in print – but one that is totally accessible by anyone, anywhere at any time. The convenience is enhanced for both yourself and the customer, providing a platform to keep them posted on upcoming events, promotions and new services you would like to offer.

Showcase Your Work

Advertising is good and all, but nothing is more representative of a person/businesses ability, talent and vigor than a visual showcase of their past works. Websites are perhaps the greatest visual showcase tools ever made. Include everything from testimonials to image galleries, from videos to portfolios; you now have the ability to show why you’re your customers best choice.

Customer Support

Even if you are only dealing with a few clients, providing good customer service is imperative to maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. Websites can provide a dedicated area for them to ask questions, find contact information and get help on particular topics that you specialize in. Direct them to social media accounts, personal business emails and recommend solutions to their problems all in one manageable place.

Full Control Over Your Image

Aesthetics are one of the most important parts of drawing in potential clients. If you are, for example, a personal trainer or a repair shop, you need to give off that look and feel for the customer to be compelled to choose you. This is something that is difficult to do with only social media, as style and colour palettes are restricted to that websites design.


Having your own website allows you to break those shackles. Have exactly what you want, where you want and build the exact image that you’re looking for.

Author: Ryan Southall

Date: 31/07/2017